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How much was Victor Borge’s Net Worth?

Victor Borge Net Worth in 2024: Victor Borge was a Comedian and pianist who had a net worth of $10 million.

Net Worth

$10 Million


Victor Borge

Date of Birth

Jan 3, 1909

Date of Death

Dec 23, 2000


Comedian, Pianist





Børge Rosenbaum, who is known professionaly by the name of Victor Borge. He was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, on January 3, 1909, and died in the year of 2020 December 23. He was a Danish-American comedian and pianist who became widely known across the Atlantic for his work on radio and TV. He was known as “The Clown Prince of Denmark,” “The Unmelancholy Dane,” and “The Great Dane” for his ability to blend music and comedy in such a distinctive way.

Early Life 

Victor Borge was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, to Bernhard and Frederikke Rosenbaum, who were of Jewish descent. His parents both had careers in music, with his mother specializing in piano and his father playing the viola in the Royal Danish Orchestra.

Borge’s upbringing in a household with a strong interest in music resulted in his early exposure to the concept. He began receiving piano lessons at the tender age of two. At the age of eight, he performed his inaugural piano recital.

Due to his exceptional talent in piano, similar to that of his mother, he received a complete scholarship to attend the Royal Danish Academy of Music in 1918. He had instruction from Olivo Krause, Victor Schioler, Fredric Lamond (a student of Liszt), and Egon Petri (a student of Busoni).


In 1926, Borge performed his inaugural major concert at the Danish Concert Hall, located in The Old Fellow’s Lodge building. After a few years, he began integrating his comedic abilities with music, resulting in ‘stand-up’ performances that combined both music and humor. Borge immigrated to America in 1940 due to the Nazi occupation of Denmark during World War II.  

Upon his arrival in America, he lacked proficiency in English but swiftly learned the language in order to tailor his jokes to the American context. In 1941, he joined Rudy Vallee’s radio show. Rudy Valle was a multifaceted American artist who excelled as a singer, actor, bandleader, and performer. Shortly after, Borge was employed by Bing Crosby, a renowned American vocalist and performer, to work on his Kraft Music Hall.

Subsequently, Borge gained recognition for his exceptional talent and his entertaining musical performances that incorporated elements of humor. In 1942, he was bestowed with the accolade of Best New Radio Performer of the Year. He gained recognition in the entertainment industry and started receiving invitations to appear in films. Starting in 1946, he garnered growing renown and prestige in the field, primarily as a result of the triumph of his NBC program, The Victor Borge Show. Throughout its television broadcast, Borge developed a number of distinctive comedic traits.

Borge made multiple appearances on Toast of the Town, a highly acclaimed TV variety show, in 1948, alongside Ed Sullivan, a renowned artist, writer, and television host. He obtained United States citizenship by naturalization in the same year. Borge was a co-founder of the American Pianists Association in 1979 alongside Anthony P. Habig and Julius Bloom and. The Association sponsors two prestigious piano contests annually: one for classical music and one for jazz.

Subsequently, Borge achieved immense popularity in the United States and was highly sought after, leading to his participation in various tours and events around the country. In addition, he has led performances with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the Royal Danish Orchestra, and various other ensembles.

Borge maintained his connection with the television industry through his appearances on several shows, including ‘The Electronic Company,’ ‘Sesame Street,’ ‘The Muppet Show,’ ‘What’s My Line?’ and others. His exceptional combination of wit and music endeared him, particularly to young children.

Victor Borge Wife

Elsie Chilton was his first wife, and they tied the knot in 1933. After his marriage to Elsie ended in divorce, he wed Sarabel Sanna Scraper in 1953, and they remained married until her passing in September of 2000 when she was 83 years old.

Borge was the father of five children, some of whom occasionally performed on stage with him. Ronald Borge and Janet Crowle (who were adopted) were his children with Elsie Chilton; Sanna Feirstein, Victor Bernhard (Vebe) Jr., and Frederikke (Rikke) Borge were his children with Sarabel.


Victor Borge


Sarabel Sanna Scraper, Elsie Chilton


Frederikke Borge, Sanna Feinstein, Ronald Borge, Vebe Borge, Janet Crowle


Svend Rosenbaum, Einar Rosenbaum, Evald Rosenbaum, Georg Rosenbaum

Cause of Death

“The cause of death was heart failure.”

Borge passed away on December 23, 2000,at the ripe old age of 91, in Greenwich, Connecticut, following a 75-year career in entertainment. “His demise was simply inevitable,” stated Frederikke Borge. “He has been experiencing intense longing and distress due to the absence of my mother.”

Awards & Achieveents

  • In 1997 awarded an honorary degree from Trinity College, Connecticut 
  • In 1998, on the occasion of the Royal Danish Orchestra’s 550th anniversary, Borge became one of just 10 people in the orchestra’s history to be named an honorary member.
  • In 1999, Borge received the Kennedy Center Awards.
  • He was awarded the Dannebrog from Denmark, the Vasa from Sweden, the Knight’s Cross of Norway’s St.
  • In 1993, he received Finland’s Order of the White Rose and Iceland’s Order of the Falcon for his service to his country.

Victor Borge’s Last Performance

The concert in Denmark where Victor Borge gave his final performance was just a few days before he passed away.


Q. What was Victor Borge’s Net Worth?

His net worth was $10 million.

Q. When did Victor Borge die?

He died on Dec 23, 2000.

Q. Who was Victor Borge’s Wife?

Sarabel Sanna Scraper, Elsie Chilton


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