Mr. Beast Net Worth $500 Million as of 2024

Mr. Beast Net Worth

According to Wikipedia, Mr. Beast’s 2024 Net Worth is $500 million. Mr. Beast’s total income comes from his most famous channel on YouTube. As for different resources, Mr. Beast’s earnings Yealy is about $12 million, and Monthly is about $3 million.

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Over 270 million people subscribe to Mr. Beast’s five channels: Mr. Beast, Mr. Beast Gaming, Mr. Beast 2, Beast Reacts, and Mr. Beast Philanthropy. Mr. Beast is the most subscribed individual creator in the world, with 166 million members to his main channel alone, surpassing PewDiePie’s 111 million.

Net Worth(updated)

$500 Million

Full Name

 Jimmy Donaldson

Salary Monthly

$3 million

Salary Yearly

$12 million

Date of Birth

May 7, 1998 


25 years


1.91 m




188 million (main channel); 312 million (combined)

Total Views

 33.3 billion (main channel); 50 billion (combined)





As of Oct 2024, the updated Net Worth of MrBeast is $500 Million.

James Stephen Donaldsonis known professionally by. Beast oimmy Donaldson. An American YouTuber, Mr. Beast, is a businessman and philanthropist He is renowned for pioneering a distinct style of YouTube videos that center around extravagant challenges and daring feats.

He ranks on Forbes’ list of the best-paid YouTube creators in 2022. He has over 187 million subscribers, making him the second-most subscribed channel overall and the most subscribed individual user on the platform.

Mr. Beast Net Worth Growth over the Year


Net Worth


$500 Million


$70 Million


$65 Million


$55 Million


$44 Million


$35 Million

Early Life

Jimmy Donaldson, better known as Mr. Beast was born in Greenville, North Carolina, on May 7, 1998. His mother He brought him up, and he and his brother shared a young age.

In 2012, he commenced uploading indiscriminate videos to his YouTube channel. He initially acquired infamy by uploading a series of videos on YouTube titled “Worst Intros”. Starting with the topic of Minecraft Factions:

An individual relocated to our headquarters and produced approximately 50 gameplay videos, initiating a career in video game cinematography. His renown expanded to Black Ops 2 mode, including zombies.

Initially, he shared movies focused on gaming, but he transitioned to producing high-cost, intricate videos over time. Mr Beast began expending substantial sums of money on internet platforms. He published his films, including the production titled “$5 For Hot Girls To Promote Your YouTube Channel.”

Success Story

After the “Counting to 100,000” video was released in 2017, Jimmy initially received widespread recognition in the video. He tallied up to 100,000 for 44 hours; 21 million people would eventually see the video. He then proceeded to count to 200,000 while being recorded. Additional noteworthy achievements include:

  • I’m watching the “Bee Movie” script across America.
  • Reading the dictionary.
  • Shouting “Logan Paul” 100,000 times.
  • I watched the awful Jake Paul music video, “It’s Everyday Bro,” on repeat for ten hours.

The total number of subscribers across his YouTube channels is currently more than 270 million, with over 28 billion video views. More than 20 million individuals have viewed the majority of typical videos.

MrBeast-net-worth (1)

His Instagram account boasts a staggering 39 million followers, while his TikTok account has an impressive 84 million followers. Additionally, he has amassed a substantial following of 21.8 million on Twitter.

He has established a connection with PewDiePie and has invested in radio and billboard commercials to surpass T-Series in sales. His name was put forward for the 2019 Shorty Awards’ Vlogger of the Year award. He was given the Breakout Creator award.

He was in the running for the Favorite Male Social Star award at the 2020 Kids’ Choice Awards. In 2022, he received the YouTube award. At the Streamy Awards, he was also recognized as the 2020 Creator of the Year. He continued to receive honours of this sort until 2023; more on that later.

Mr. Beast added 400,000 new members in a single week in July 2020, raising the total number of subscribers to more than 80 million. He got to the 20th spot among YouTube stars due to his success.

Other Earning Sources

The total breakup of Mr. Beast’s monthly earnings of $30 million are obtained from different resources.

A.D. Revenue

Video ads yield widely varying. CPMs across several different countries. In comparison to Brazilian ad views, U.S. and Canadian video advertisements pay much more. On average, it would be safe to expect a $5 CPM for videos. MrBeast pays $5 for every 1,000 views, net. At 283 million views, this generates a net income of $1.4 million.


According to earlier claims, Mr. Beast bills a primary sponsor of his main video page $1 million monthly. For example, Experian, a credit agency, served as the sponsor in March. It’s reasonable to assume that Beast is making at least another $1 million per year from sponsorships on his other channels, bringing his total income to $2 million.

Team Trees

In October 2019, a former NASA engineer, Mark Rober, collaborated with Jimmy to establish the #TeamTrees fundraising challenge. They aimed to generate $20 million to support the Arbour Day Foundation within three months. The endeavour has accumulated $23 million in funds and successfully planted almost 7 million trees.

In two months, they had surpassed the target of $20 million by submitting a higher amount. Upon reaching their objective of cultivating 20 million trees, the endeavour will successfully eradicate around 1.6 million tons of carbon emissions from the environment, along with 116 thousand tons of chemical air pollutants.

Mobile Gaming

A multiplayer endurance game named “Finger on the App” by Mr. Beast was released in June 2020. The concept of the game was relatively simple. Users of the app worldwide had to continue interacting with their phone screens using their fingers. The last person to take it off would win $25,000 in cash.

Clothing Line

After YouTube, his product line is Mr. Beast’s second-largest source of income. On, he offers a selection of backpacks, hoodies, hats, mousepads, water bottles, t-shirts, and other products. Sales of clothing are estimated to account for about 40% of Mr. Beast’s annual revenue.

“Feastables” ( Is the Mr. Beast chocolate bar “Feastables” a scam? )

Indeed, Mr. Beast has evolved into a distinct brand. Do you believe Godiva, Debauve, and other luxury brands are fraudulent? While the price of $3 per bar is quite steep, that is again the result of branding.

Mr Beast introduced Feastables in January 2022, a food firm that produced a range of chocolate bars dubbed “Mr Beast Bars.” Following several contests, challenges, and giveaways, the company expanded to include a line of gummy candies called “Karl Gummies” in April 2023 in partnership with Karl Jacobs.



In 2018, Flyy Does YT, a YouTuber accused Mr Beast of falsifying his videos. Because Flyy Does YT had been Mr. Beast’s editor for a week, many people took the 25-minute-long, accusatory movie seriously. Mr Beast was accused of abusing his employees by having them record his videos in a video shared by another YouTuber. Mr Beast is also untrue to himself and lies to the camera.

Mr Beast responded to the charges by tweeting that he had handed away loads of money for genuine and that he was not faking anything in front of the camera. He said that anyone who had received the money was allowed to approach them and ask if they had actually done so and that “Flyy Does YT” or anyone else was also welcome to do the same.

By claiming that he had Crohn’s disease and that he asked his staff to complete the videos whenever he wasn’t feeling well, Jimmy disproved the claim that he was mistreating his employees.

Who is Mr. Beast Girlfriend

Jimmy began first dating Maddy Spidell in June 2019. They met each other on Twitter. In Feb 2020, Mr Beast first met his girlfriend in his video “Surprising My Girlfriend With 100,000 Roses For Valentine’s Day.” After posting the video, it gets more than 50 million views. Maddy has also taken part in other videos of Mr. Beast, like “I Adopted EVERY Dog in a Dog Shelter” and “I Spent 50 Hours in Solitary Confinement.”

Charity Work

The channel Beast Philanthropy, created in 2022, is just for his charity work. The channel’s advertising and other earnings are donated to charitable organizations. In the film “Rebuilding Homes for Tornado Survivors,” Donaldson constructed 14 homes in Kentucky for people who had recently been the victims of a catastrophic tornado.

Another video, titled “I Gave Away $2,700,000 of Free Clothes,” describes how he collaborated with Champion to provide the residents of the Hopi Indian Reservation in Arizona with $2,700,000 worth of clothing. In “We Built Wells In ” Donaldson describes how he constructed wells in two Cameroonian villages to supply the locals with safe drinking water.

Which Youtuber do you think is better, PewDiePie or Mr. Beast?

“Better.” According to numbers, Mr Beast has more subscribers than the PewDiepie. Mr Beast has 116 million subscribers, and PewDiePie is the second most popular, with 111 million subscribers. Pewdiepie is more prevalent in Europe, while MrBeast is more prevalent in the United States.

PewDiePie and MrBeast has 82 and 110 million subscribers on YouTube, respectively, making them the most famous content creators on the platform. Their devoted following can’t wait for new content from them on YouTube.

What author do you value more, and why? Please let us know if you’d like to help us answer these questions. Suppose We look at both YouTubers’ net worths. According to resources, Mr Beast has a net worth of $500 million. And PewDiepe’s estimated net Worth is about $40 million.


Q. How old is Mr. Beast?
He is 25 Years old.
Q. What is Mr. Beast’s net worth?
His net worth is $500 million.
Q. What is Mr. Beast earning Monthly?
He is earning monthly $3 million.
Q. How tall is Mr. Beast?
He is 1.91 m tall.
Q. What is Mr. Beast earning Yearly?
He is earning yearly $12 million.

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