Jack Burns Net Worth (2024) – Cause of Death

What is Jack Burns Net Worth?

Jack Burns Net Worth in 2024: Jack Burns was a comedian, actor, writer and producer who had a net worth of $1 million.

Net Worth

$1 Million

Full Name

John Francis Burns

Date of Birth

November 15, 1933

Date of death

January 27, 2020 (aged 86)


6 feet


Comedian, Actor, Writer and Producer





Jack Burns, whose full name is John Francis Burns. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S., on November 15, 1993, and died on January 27, 2020. He was a multi-talented American entertainer, encompassing the roles of comedian, actor, voice actor, writer, and producer. In the 1960s, he engaged in two comedic collaborations, initially with George Carlin and subsequently with Avery Schreiber. Additionally, he gained recognition for his brief tenure as Warren Ferguson, the replacement for Barney Fife on The Andy Griffith Show in 1965.  

In the 1970s, he shifted his focus to working behind the camera as a writer and producer for comic series like The Muppet Show and Hee Haw.


In 1959, when both Burns and George Carlin were employed by radio station KXOL in Fort Worth, Texas, Burns began his career as a comedian by forming a partnership with Carlin. Following a string of successful live appearances, the duo issued an album in 1963 titled Burns and Carlin at the Playboy Club Tonight, which featured some of their compositions. After that, he became a member of The Second City, which is a Chicago-based live comedy and improv troupe.

It was the comic series in which he portrayed a talkative taxicab passenger, with Schreiber as the driver, that brought him widespread renown. In 1973, he also made an appearance in the ABC TV variety series The Burns and Schreiber Comic Hour. Following that, he made an appearance on The Andy Griffith Show during the first half of the 1965–1966 season. In 1967, he was given the role of ‘Candy Butcher’ in the film titled The Night They Raided Minsky’s.In 1971, he was cast in the role of Mr. Kelly for the episode of The Partridge Family titled “Dora, Dora, Dora” (S2/Ep1). In 1977, he was the host of an episode of “Saturday Night Live” on NBC.

Burns started working on the ABC sketch comedy series Fridays in the early 1980s, first as a writer, then as an announcer, and eventually as a performer. He was a co-author of the book “Man on the Moon.” During the first season of The Muppet Show (1976), Jack was promoted to the position of chief writer. He provided his voice for a number of animated films and television shows, including Wait Till Your Father Gets Home (1972–1974), Animaniacs (1993), and The Simpsons: Beyond Blunderdome (1999), among others.

Personal Life

Burns was formerly married to Violet Ruth Torre, but the couple recently divorced; thus, he is now living a single life for the time being. There is currently no additional information available regarding how the pair first met or when they decided to be married. In addition, information regarding their children is not available at this time. There are no additional reliable sources that report on Burns’s relationships prior to his marriage or at this time.

Jack Burns Cause of Death

“Jack Burns died due to Respiratory Failure.”

Jack Burn passed away on January 27, 2020, at the age of 86, in Los Angeles, California.


Q. What was Jack Burns’s Net Worth>

His net worth was $1 million.

Q. When did Jack Burns Die?

He died on January 27, 2020

Q. Who was Jack Burns’s Wife?

Jack Burns was married to Violet Ruth Torre, and later they were divorced.

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