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Jessica Livingston Net Worth

Jessica Livingston is an American author and founder. Her net worth is $95,000, but this is not confirmed.

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Jessica Livingston was born in 1971 in America. Jessica is an American author. She is also one of the founders of Y Combinator, a company that helps early-stage businesses. Paul Graham, who helped start the business, is her husband.

Career & Early Life

Livingston grew up in the Boston area. She finished at Phillips Academy in 1989 and attended Bucknell University for a B.A. in English. Livingston was the vice president of marketing at Adams Harkness Financial Group. He started Y Combinator.

Jessica Livingston Husband

Livingston got married to Paul Graham in 2008. Since late 2016, she and her family have lived in the U.K.

Jessica Livingston ‘Investing’

Livingston met Paul Graham, Robert Morris, and Trevor Blackwell at a Cambridge party. They are the co-founders of Viaweb. The four co-founded Y Combinator in 2005 after considering a startup incubator. In early YC, Livingston and Graham fed their founders weekly at their Cambridge home. Former partner Sam Altman credits Livingston with building Y Combinator’s startup ecosystem. After Graham handed over Y Combinator to Altman, Livingston became more involved. He began managing the Startup School.


She left the incubator for a year in 2016. The publishers released the book Pioneers at Work: Stories of Startups’ Early Days in early 2007. It featured interviews with company pioneers. Steve Wozniak was among those interviewed. Livingston launched the Female Founders Conference in 2013 to encourage women entrepreneurs. Livingston funds OpenAI, a for-profit organisation that develops A.I. .

Charity Work

Jessica Livingston initiated the establishment of the YC Female Founder Stories. This online platform’s primary goal is to conduct interviews with YC graduates. These interviews aim to reveal the individuals’ experiences within a male-oriented organization.


Q. What is Jessica Livingston Net Worth?

Jessica Livingston net worth is $95,000.

Q. How old is Jessica Livingston?

She is 51 years old.

Q. Who is Jessica Livingston Husband?

Jessica Livingston husband is Paul Graham.

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