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Tom Cruise Net Worth (2024 Updated) – Check Details

What is Tom Cruise’s Net Worth?

Tom Cruise Net Worth in 2024: Tom Cruise is a well-known and highest-paid actor in the USA who has a net worth of $600 million. Tom Cruise is widely regarded as one of the most famous actors to ever work in the Hollywood industry. His wealth is also helped by the fact that he is one of the best-paid celebrities in the world. As of the time this article was written, the worldwide box office earnings for Tom Cruise films total 11.5 billion dollars.

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Net Worth

$600 Millon


$50 Million Per Year


Thomas Cruise Mapother IV

Date of Birth

Jul 3, 1962 


61 years


5 ft 7 in (1.71 m)


American Actor



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Tom Cruise Net Worth Growth


Net Worth


$600 million


$510 million


$415 million


$320 million


$220 million


$110 million


Tom Cruise’s full name is Thomas Cruise Mapother IV. He was born on July 13, 1996, in Syracuse, New York, U.S. Tom Cruise is a well-known actor in the United States with a net worth of $600 million. In addition to being nominated for four Academy Awards and being one of the highest-paid actors in the world, he has won a number of awards, including an Honorary Palme d’Or, three Golden Globe Awards, and a total of three Golden Globes. He is one of the highest-grossing box-office stars of all time, thanks to the more than $4 billion that his films have made in North America and more than $11.5 billion that they have made globally.

Early Life

Thomas Cruise Mapother IV was born in Syracuse, New York, to Mary Lee and Thomas Cruise Mapother III. His mother taught special education, and his father was an electrical engineer. He has 3 sisters. His childhood was hard and poor. Tom’s abusive father beat him at every opportunity.

After his father joined the Canadian Armed Forces, the family migrated to Canada. Tom Cruise returned to the U.S. with his mother and sisters when his parents divorced after a few years. Teachers urged him to participate in drama since they saw his inherent talent. He briefly attended a Cincinnati Franciscan seminary on a church scholarship as a teenager and wanted to be a priest.

Tom Cruise ‘Spouse’

Tom Cruise married three ladies: Mini Rogers, Nicole Kidman, and Katie Holmes. More details about Tom Cruise’s Spouse are given below.

‘Mimi Rogers’

Cruise and Mimi Rogers got married in May of 1987, one year after they initially met. However, they both claim that the other introduced them. Rogers insisted that they were introduced by mutual acquaintances when they were both single. Still, Cruise has always maintained that Rogers was already in a relationship. Before meeting Katie Holmes, Cruise told Rolling Stone, “I’d never been in love before.” This was just before their 1990 breakup. I’ve learned a lot about myself while I’ve been with her. I believe it has improved my acting skills.

It’s possible that Rogers, a second-generation Scientologist, was the first person to introduce Cruise to the controversial faith. The couple announced their breakup in the early 1990s despite their common religious interests.” While there have been positive aspects to our marriage, there were some issues which could not be resolved even after working on them for a period of time,” they shared in a joint statement.

‘Nicole Kidman’

Tom Cruise married Nicole Kidman after meeting her on the set of Days of Thunder. After only a few months together, the couple got married on Christmas Eve 1990. They went on to work together on more films, including Far and Away, Eyes Wide Shut, and The Others, which Cruise directed.

In the 1990s, Cruise and Kidman were one of the most famous couples. However, they split up in 2001. At the time, a representative for the couple said, “They decided that an amicable separation seemed best for both of them at this time because of the difficulties that come with having different careers that keep them apart all the time.”

‘Katie Holmes’

After two months of dating, Cruise proposed to Holmes in an Eiffel Tower restaurant in June 2005. The couple revealed their first pregnancy in October. The sudden proposal and pregnancy made tabloid news.

Cruise and Holmes had a daughter, Suri, in 2006. Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith, Jennifer Lopez, Victoria and David Beckham, and others attended their Italian castle wedding that year. In June 2012, the pair ended their fairytale romance.

Tom Cruise’ Birthday and Age’

Tom Cruise’s birthday is July 13, 1996, making him 61 years old in his life.

Tom Cruise ‘Height’

How tall does Tom Cruise look? Tom Cruise is 5 foot 7 inches tall. 

Tom Cruise ‘Religion’

Cruise is a strong supporter of the Church of Scientology, which he says helped him get over his dyslexia. In the 2000s, he caused a lot of trouble when he spoke out against psychiatry and antidepressants, when he tried to push Scientology in Europe, and when a video interview of him doing so got out.

Tom Cruise ‘Coconut Cake’

What exactly is meant by “Tom Cruise Cake”? The renowned “Tom Cruise Cake” is a white chocolate-coconut Bundt cake made by Doan’s Bakery in the state of California. Tom Cruise is known for celebrating the holidays with his closest companions by presenting them with a delicious cake on an annual basis.

Tom Cruise ‘Teeth’

Tom Cruise’s teeth have changed significantly from the early 1980s to the current day, a period during which he has acted in a number of critically acclaimed films. As dental professionals, we can’t help but watch his smile change over time.

When he played Steve Randle in 1983’s The Outsiders, the audience first noticed his dazzling smile. This account claims that young Cruise, in character as Steve, volunteered to have the cap removed from a front tooth that had been chipped in a hockey mishap.

Tom Cruise’s teeth were noticeably straighter by the time of Risky Business and the 1986 classic Top Gun, but that wasn’t the end of the story!

The fact that adults can wear braces was cemented in our minds when he memorably wore fixed braces to the premiere of his film “Minority Report” in 2002. His treatment reportedly included both removable clear aligners and permanently attached ceramic braces.

Does Tom Cruise ever see his daughter Suri?

It seems like Tom Cruise doesn’t spend much time with Suri. The Jerry Maguire actor has been rarely seen with his daughter since his divorce from Holmes. Holmes currently has sole legal custody of Suri, and they are raising her together in New York City.

Tom Cruise’ First Movie’

Tom Cruise’s debut as a leading man came in the 1981 Franco Zeffirelli film “Endless Love.” However, Cruise had already starred in a few movies, including “Taps” in 1981 and “Risky Business” in 1983, in small roles.

“Tom Cruise’ Top Gun : Maverick’ Box Office”

One year after its initial release, Top Gun: Maverick continues to shatter box office records.

According to a report that was published by Deadline on Tuesday, the sequel to Top Gun just topped $101.5 million at the box office in Japan, where it is currently playing in theatres. It caused it to overtake 2003’s The Last Samurai as the most successful Tom Cruise picture ever in the Asian country. Maverick is now Tom Cruise’s highest-grossing film to date, and it has previously risen to the top of the box office charts in Japan for both Paramount Pictures and Skydance.

Since its debut in May of 2017, the movie has amassed approximately $1.5 billion in revenue around the globe, making it the fifth-highest-grossing picture of all time in the United States and the 12th-highest in the rest of the world. At this year’s ceremony, which took place in March, it was up for a total of six Oscars, and it ended up winning the award for Best Sound.


 “Tom Cruise’ Top Gun : Maverick’ Reunion with Val Kilmer”

It turns out that Tom Cruise’s Maverick and Val Kilmer’s Iceman made more than just moviegoers cry when they saw each other again in last year’s big hit Top Gun: Maverick.

Cruise went to Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Friday, where he and host Jimmy Kimmel talked about the movie’s huge success, which includes six Oscar nominations going into next month’s event. People watched a clip from Top Gun: Maverick during the talk. In it, Cruise and Kilmer have a short conversation.

“I just want to say, that was pretty emotional,” shared Cruise about the scene. “Val and I have known each other for decades, and for him to come back and play that part—he’s such a great actor that he became that part again right away.” “That’s Iceman you see.”

Did Tom Cruise Fly in ‘Top Gun’

Tom Cruise piloted the P-51 Mustang in the sequence from Top Gun: Maverick, despite the fact that Navy regulations prevented him from flying the F-18 during the filming of Top Gun: Maverick. Given Tom Cruise’s well-earned reputation for performing his stunts, it should come as no surprise that he was the pilot of the jet.16-Jul-2023

“Tom Cruise ‘Age’ in Top Gun”

Tom Cruise, who was 23 years old at the time of filming “Top Gun,” brought a new level of depth and reality to his portrayal of Lieutenant Maverick. Because of how well his youthful appearance matched the spirit of the character, the movie has become a timeless classic, and Tom Cruise has solidified his reputation as a superb actor in Hollywood.

Tom Cruise Earnings from ‘Risky Business’

In the 1983 movie Risky Business, Cruise’s big break came with the sock-and-shirt dance and that steamy tube scene with co-star Rebecca De Mornay. Reports say Cruise was paid $75,000 to play the lead part of Joel, which made him a star. The movie made $63.5 million at the box office but only spent $6.2 million making it. He made the same amount of money for 1983’s All the Right Moves.

Tom Cruise Movies

  • Mission Impossible
  • Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
  • Mission Impossible ii
  • Mission Impossible iii
  • Rain Man
  • Far and Away
  • The Color of Money
  • Cocktail
  • Legend Thunder
  • The Mummy
  • Risky Business
  • Edge of Tomorrow
  • Minority Report
  • Top Gun
  • Top Gun: Maverick
  • Magnolia
  • Eyes Wide Shut
  • Jerry Maguire

Tom Cruise ‘Oscars Movies’

  1. Rain Man
  2. Top Gun
  3. The Color of Money
  4. Magnolia
  5. Tropic Thunder
  6. Rock of Ages
  7. Born on July 4
  8. Jerry Maguire
  9. A few Good Men
  10. Top Gun: Maverick
  11. The Last Samurai


Q. What is Tom Cruise’s Net Worth?

His Net Worth is $600 million

Q. How old is Tom Cruise?

He is 61 years old

Q. How tall is Tom Cruise?

He is 5 foot 7 inches

Q. What is Tom Cruise’s Date of Birth?

July 13, 1996

Q. Where is Tom Cruise Live?

Syracuse, New York, U.S

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