Raquel Leviss Net Worth

Raquel Leviss Net Worth (Updated 2024) – Parents-Sister-Age

What is Raquel Leviss Net Worth?

Raquel Leviss Net Worth: Raquel Leviss is an American television and social media star with a net worth of $500 thousand.


Raquel Leviss

Net Worth

$500 Thousand

Date of Birth

September 12, 1994


29 years


5 ft 7 in






Raquel Leviss Net Worth

Early Life

Raquel Leviss is currently 27 years of age. Her date of birth is September 12, 1994. Raquel was born in Los Angeles, California, USA, and was raised by her adoptive parents. Susan, Leviss’ biological mother, is the younger sister of Laura, her adopted mother.  

She has not identified either her biological or adoptive fathers. Raquel candidly shared details of her adoption on Instagram following an initial mention of it in a Vanderpump Rules season nine episode. She clarified that her adoptive parents faced difficulties in conceiving, so when her biological mother, Susan, experienced an unforeseen pregnancy, she approached her younger sister, Laura, with the proposition of adopting Raquel.

Raquel Leviss shares a biological mother, Susan, with two elder half-siblings. Both Kate Couture-Moncure, her half-sister, and David, her half-brother, are ten years older than her. Raquel has an adoptive half-sibling named Sam, who shares her adopted parents.


The reality show Vanderpump Rules made Raquel Leviss a household name. In season five, she became a regular cast member. She began working as a waiter at Lisa Vanderpump’s SUR Restaurant & Lounge after she had a relationship with James Kennedy and was offered a permanent role on the show.

Raquel used to reign as a pageant winner before she became a regular on Pump Rules. She thanks her mother, Laura, for encouraging her to take on complex activities (11), and she found participating in beauty pageants challenging. Raquel entered a local pageant and ended up winning the title of Miss Sonoma County. At the 2016 Miss California USA competition, Leviss wore an ensemble created by Christian Pelayo. It is not known how well she did in the tournament.

Raquel Leviss is a SURver and a model and has competed in beauty pageants. Her fame has led to numerous partnerships with major fashion houses, including Windsor Store and PrettyLittleThing. She has walked the runway at L.A. and Paris Fashion Weeks and has been a guest at both.

Leviss took the winter of 2021 off from her SUR gig to focus on getting over her breakup with James Kennedy. Raquel announced her plans to compete in the Miss California USA pageant in June 2022 as a guest on Katie Maloney’s podcast, You’re Gonna Love Me, on April 1, 2022. It is unclear if she will be returned for Vanderpump Rules’ ninth season.

Raquel Leviss Parents

Leviss is close to her adoptive parents, notably Laura. In her Frankel interview, Raquel Leviss said her parents supported her during the ordeal.

My family and I are close. Leviss: My parents are still married, and we’re a close family. My mum is a mama bear. She is deeply conflicted about this scenario. She struggles, and I understand her grief since I put our family in this situation.” Leviss’ mother stages homes, per Distractify. Her unknown father chooses anonymity.

Raquel Leviss Sister

Additionally, Leviss has a half-sister named Kate Couture-Moncure. Couture-Moncure has made appearances on Vanderpump Rules and is an outspoken advocate for her sister. Couture-Moncure, a real estate agent and former professional makeup artist, maintains a close relationship with Leviss and frequently posts photographs on Instagram showcasing their family unit.

Leviss, who has faced significant challenges in recent months, considers her family to be more than just a support system – they have been an essential source of care and assistance.

Raquel Leviss Real Name

Leviss was given the name Rachel upon their birth. The Bravolebrity informed Frankel that she opted to alter her name to Raquel during her first year of primary education in order to experience a sense of uniqueness.  

Nevertheless, Leviss acknowledged, “Internally, I experienced a sense of unease with my own identity.” I aspired to improve my self-perception and become a more accomplished individual. Raquel served as a means for me to embody that role. The name has remained fixed ever since.

However, circumstances took a turn when Leviss underwent therapy. During a session of “inner child therapy,” I tried writing with my left hand instead of my right. At that moment, my therapist instructed me to inscribe my name on the whiteboard, and I proceeded to write ‘Rachel’,” Leviss disclosed.  “She expressed her opinion, stating that she perceives you as embodying the essence of Rachel.”.

“You are currently using the name Raquel, which is acceptable, but it does not accurately represent your true identity. It serves as a barrier that you have created.”

Is Raquel pregnant with Tom’s baby?

Contrary to the rumors that circulated on social media on May 20 and 21, Raquel is not expecting a child with Tom Sandoval. However, the conjecture did generate significant attention and discussion online.

However, Alex Baskin, the executive producer of Vanderpump Rules, clarified to Page Six that the pregnancy rumors were among the most absurd he has encountered in the show’s 10 seasons. “The pregnancy episode was extraordinary,” Baskin remarked during an FYC event hosted on Tuesday evening at The Aster in Hollywood. He and Lisa Vanderpump engaged in an on-stage discussion about the program before joining Emmy voters. “By the way, she is not pregnant.”

Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss

 Nine months after their affair began in August 2022, on May 17, 2023, the news surfaced that Tom and Raquel had ended their relationship. This occurred on the same day that the season 10 finale of Vanderpump Rules was shown. “Raquel made a hasty exit. A source close to her told Page Six at the time that Sandoval is not the right person for her. “Raquel made a hasty exit. “Sandoval is not the right guy for her,” she says.

James Kennedy Relationship

In November 2016, Raquel made her debut on Vanderpump Rules, playing the role of James Kennedy’s girlfriend at the time. James Kennedy was a cast member at the time. In May of 2021, James decided to pop the question to Raquel by organizing a small music festival that he called “Rachella,” a play on the word Coachella. After being together for five years, Raquel and James decided to end their relationship in December of 2021.


Q. What is Raquel Leviss Net Worth?
Her net worth is $500 thousand.
Q. How old is Raquel Leviss?
She is 29 years old.
Q. How tall Raquel Leviss is?
She is 1.70 m tall.

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