NF Net Worth [2024]

NF Net Worth

NF is an American rapper, singer and songwriter with an estimated net worth of $6 million, as per Wealthy Gorilla.

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Real Name

Nathan John Feuerstein

Net Worth

$6 Million

Date of Birth

March 30, 1991


31 years


1.83 m (6 ft 0 in)




United States of America


As of 2024, NF has an estimated net worth of $6 million.

NF real name is Nathan John Feuerstein. He has emerged as a prominent rapper, singer, and songwriter from America. His catchy beats and words that people can relate to make him famous. In 2010, he released his first studio album. Nathan Feuerstein titled it Moments and released it under that name. He launched two successful EPs: a self-titled EP in 2014 and “I’m Free” in 2012. He released his breakthrough album “Mansion” in 2015.

NF has pushed the limits of his craft. He has done this by releasing a series of well-praised albums. They include “The Search” (2019) “Perception” (2017), and “Therapy Session” (2016). With each new work, he has continued to improve his standing as a skilled writer. He writes lyrics and stories. He talks about his struggles and shows his weaknesses to the public.

Early Life & Education

NF was born on March 30, 1991, in Gladwin, Michigan. He was too young when his parents split. His mother passed away from an opioid overdose. He has three younger sisters. In 2009, he completed his education at Gladwin High School.


In 2010, NF began his music journey. ‘Moments,’ his first record, came out under his real name. The album got him recognised, and the record label Xist Music contacted him. In 2012, he signed a deal to record with them.

For two years, he did not work with any record company. They worked with Tommy Profitt to make “Wake Up.” In 2013, his song “Wonderful Compulsion” emerged under his genuine name.

His drawn-out play, “NF,” turned out in 2014 after he endorsed with “Legislative Hall CMG.” This melody was a success. It reached number 12 on “Board’s Christian Collections.” It reached number 15 on “Top Rap Collections.” and number 4 on “Top Gospel Collections” A few surveys gave the EP at least three and a half stars.


Credit: The New York Times

In 2017, he released his third album, “Perception,”. It went straight to number 1 on the “Billboard 200.” It was his first record to do that. “Let You Down,” the third song from this album, went straight to number one on the “Top 40”. It got three platinum awards.

It is challenging for any musician to reach the top 100 with a hit song. This is especially true if they have never had a song on the ‘Hot 100’ list. People have compared NF to Eminem. He is a famous rapper from Michigan. Due to their similar themes of rage and fury, people compare them.

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Personal Life

After dating for three years, he tied the knot with Bridgette Doremus in 2018. In August 2015, they welcomed their first son. They also have a daughter who was born in December 2023.

Quotes of NF

  • “Music raised me more than my parents did.”
  • “I’m a Christian, but I’m just an artist. I’m a musician.”
  • “A lot of people know me, but they don’t know me well.”
  • “I don’t live for the world I live for the king.”
  • “Nothing is free unless you consider your time valueless.”
  • “Everything is so beautiful when you stop looking for flaws.”
  • “I don’t make music for Christians. I make music for everyone.”
  • “Better grab your balloons and invite your friends.”
  • “Most of my life is full of sad days started at a young age.”
  • “Father forgive me for I am a sinner but you gave me music as medicine.”


Q. How much worth is NF?

NF has an estimated net worth of $6 million.

Q. How old is NF?

He is 31 years old.

Q. What is Real Name of NF?

His real name is Nathan John Feuerstein.

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