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Maddie Ziegler’s full name is Madison Nicole Ziegler. On September 30, 2002, she entered the world in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US. Madison Nicole Ziegler is a well-known dancer and actress in the United States with a net worth of $5 million. She was a cast member on the reality television show Dance Moms, which aired on Lifetime from 2011 to 2016, and she also starred in a series of music videos by Sia, beginning with “Chandelier” and “Elastic Heart,” which together have had more than 6 billion views on YouTube. Ziegler has had appearances in movies, television shows, concerts, and ads, in addition to appearing on the covers of many magazines.


Maddie Ziegler Net Worth

Maddie Ziegler is a well-known name in the United States of America in the fields of dance, acting, writing, and modelling, and she has a net worth of $5 million, According to the information provided by Celebrity Net Worth. Maddie Ziegler is best known for her appearances on the reality television series “Dance Moms” from its 2001 inception until its 2016 conclusion.

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Net Worth 2023

$5 Million


Madison Nicole Ziegler

Date of Birth

Sep 30, 2002


21 years


 5 ft 5 in (1.67 m)


Melissa Gisoni, Kurt Ziegler


Mackenzie Ziegler, Michele Gisoni, Tyler Ziegler, Ryan Ziegler, and Matthew Gisoni

Youtube Subscribers

3.68 million

Tiktok Followers

4.8 million

Instagram Followers

13.9 million


Actor and Dancer



Early Career – Dance Moms

Maddie began competing in dance events and competitions all over the United States when she was very young. In 2011, she and her sister Mackenzie were chosen to be on the show “Dance Moms.” ‘Abby Lee Dance Company Elite Competition Team’ dance teacher Abby Lee Miller and their mothers were the subjects of this show. The mothers often fought and put pressure on their children to do better on the show. During the six years she was on the show, Maddie made $2,000 per episode and $400,000 per season. In 2016, she and her sister left the show. She keeps getting paid royalties from the show airing again and again on syndicated stations.

Writing Career

Ziegler published her autobiography, titled “The Maddie Diaries,” in 2017, and it quickly became a best-seller in The New York Times. In addition, Maddie has created a trilogy of short novels for readers in the middle grades. These novels follow the story of Harper, a young dancer who is 12 years old, and her family as they move to a new state. The report focuses on the difficulties that the young girl encounters as she tries to make new friends while still competing for a spot on a dance team. Following one another in publication order, the novels “The Audition,” “The Callback,” and “The Competition” were published in 2017, 2018, and 2019, respectively.

Modelling Career

Ziegler is a well-known brand ambassador and model who has worked with numerous companies. Elle, Nylon, Seventeen, Maniac, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Dance Spirit, Vanity Fair Italia, Teen Vogue, and Galore are just a few of the publications where you may see her on the cover or in a fashion editorial. Sia’s “Everyday is Christmas” album, released in 2017, featured Maddie on its surface. There are more Zigglers on Instagram than Zieglers on Twitter.

Acting Career

Maddie started performing at a young age. She first gained prominence in 2012 for her role as Young Deb on the Lifetime series “Drop Dead Diva.” Made for mobile in 2014, Maddie appeared briefly in episode 34 of “HitStreak Summer.” In 2015, she had cameo cameos on the Disney Channel sitcom “Austin & Ally,” as well as ABC Family’s “Pretty Little Liars.”

 Maddie made her acting debut in the film “Ballerina” (2016), which was retitled “Leap” for the American market in 2017. She portrayed Camille in the production. The role of Christina in “The Book of Henry” (2017) marked her first major film role. In February 2021, Ziegler co-starred as the title character of Sia’s feature film effort “Music”. The film itself was met with mixed to unfavourable reviews, but Maddie’s performance was universally lauded.

The Fallout, a teen drama in which Ziegler co-starred, premiered at film festivals in March 2021 and premiered on HBO Max in January 2022. The role of Velma in Steven Spielberg’s film version of ‘The West Side Story’ was likewise originated by her. She will play the major part of Lindy in Molly McGlynn’s upcoming 2022 film Bloody Hell. The making of the movie is currently underway. Maddie has made a substantial amount of money from her acting endeavours, and she continues to do so through royalties from the distribution of these programs and films across numerous platforms.

Maddie Ziegler on Social Media

She is estimated to generate over $50,000 on TikTok, based on the average rate of promotion and engagement per 1,000 fans on the platform. She primarily promotes her business ventures through this account, and only infrequently posts personal content.

 She uploads a variety of content on YouTube, ranging from business promotion to vlogging. Her estimated monthly income ranges between $92 and $1,500, and her annual income ranges between $1,100 and $17,600. There are 3,68 million subscribers and 53 uploads on the channel. Additionally, she has 13.9 million Instagram followers and 1.3 million Twitter followers.

Maddie Ziegler Social Media Accounts




Maddie Ziegler Boyfriend

From 2017 to 2018, Maddie dated the Australian adolescent Jack Kelly, the son of former New York Yankees star Pat Kelly. She started dating Eddie Benjamin, an Australian singer, in 2019.

Maddie Ziegler Parents

Kurt Ziegler and Melissa Ziegler-Gisoni are parents of Maddie Ziegler. 


Melissa Ziegler-Gisoni was born on June 13, 1968. Melisa Sulo is her real name. In 2002, Melissa Sulo wed Kurt Ziegler, and they had two beautiful daughters, Maddie and Mackenzie.


Kurt Ziegler was born on January 10, 1965, in Pittsburg, PA. Kurt Ziegler is Maddie’s biological father. After marrying Melissa, they bought a house there. Kurt works for “Custom Mortgages, Inc.” as a senior loan officer.

Maddie Ziegler Siblings

Maddie Ziegler comes from a large family. There are two sisters and three brothers in the group.

  •  Maddie Ziegler siblings (Young sister)
  • Michele Gibson (step sister)
  • Ryan Ziegler (older half-brother)
  • Tyler Ziegler (older half-brother)
  • Mathew Gisoni (brother)

Maddie Ziegler Awards

Maddie Ziegler has received numerous popular honours during her career in the entertainment sector. She has five Industry Dance Awards in various categories. She has also won the Teen Choice Awards five times in multiple classes throughout her career.

She has received and been nominated for the Shorty Awards five times in her career, and she also won the People’s Choice Award in 2016. Along with this, she got public love and fame, which proved to be her greatest achievement.

Maddie Ziegler “Wednesday” Premiere

Maddie Ziegler made an appearance on the red carpet during the premiere of Wednesday at the Hollywood Legion Theatre in Los Angeles on November 17th.



In 2012, Ziegler partnered with Starlight Children’s Foundation alongside her sister and mother to raise awareness for chronically unwell children. Maddie and her sister delivered a public service announcement in 2016 for’s Birthday Mail campaign, which encouraged the public to send personalised birthday vehicles to homeless shelter children. Later that year, she performed at Nigel Lythgoe’s Dizzy Feet Foundation gala to raise funds for dance programmes for low-income children and dance school scholarships for talented youth in the United States.

In 2017, Ziegler partnered with Dancers Against Cancer and has since appeared in several public service announcements to help battling cancer patients. In 2018, Maddie collaborated with Sia and MAC cosmetics to promote a red lipstick, with proceeds benefiting the company’s AIDS Fund.


Q. What is the Maddie Ziegler Net Worth ?
Her Net Worth is $5 million.
Q. How old is Maddie Ziegler?
She is 21 years old.
Q. How tall is Maddie Ziegler?
She is 5 feet 4 inches tall.
Q. Who is Maddie Ziegler Parents?
Melissa Gisoni, Kurt Ziegler
Q. Who is Maddie Ziegler Sibblings?
Mackenzie Ziegler, Michele Gisoni, Tyler Ziegler, Ryan Ziegler, Mathew Gisoni

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