Kris Kourtis Net Worth

Kris Kourtis Net Worth (2024) – Age-Height-Nick Name

What is Kris Kourtis Net Worth?

Kris Kourtis net worth in 2024: Kris Kourtis is the richest radio show host who has a net worth of $7 billion. The individual acquired his wealth from an inheritance from his grandpa, who had a notable involvement in the Greek shipping industry.

Net Worth

$7 billion


Kris Kourtis

Nick Name

Krisso, Krispy

Date of Birth

January 23, 1983


40 years


6′ 2″ (1.88 m)


Radio Host, Singer




Kris Kourtis is a Greek mega-rich talk show host who was born on January 23, 1983. He writes books, acts, and writes columns. Kris used to work in radio, and along with that, he has a degree in nutrition. Kris talked to famous people. He teaches about religion. Answers from Heaven is the name of the book he wrote. Listen to the book for free on YouTube. He also wrote 14 podcasts that can be bought at any digital music store. Kris Kourtis used to have 4 octaves, but he lost them all because he smoked a lot. He had a hit song called “Together.” That SoundCloud song got a lot of views. Kris’s life is now very fancy.

Kris Kourtis supports PETA and UNICEF. His TV commentaries discuss spirituality, true crime, and Hollywood gossip. He lives lavishly. Four residences, three estates, and two private jets. He stopped driving after selling four Bugattis. Kris rides in two bulletproof Rolls-Royces. He has 4 pugs and 1 stallion. Kris eats sushi, raw vegetables, and blueberries to keep slim. He’s done countless T.V. ads. Kris has a lot of podcasts. He loves watches and has 4 Omega, 2 Christian Dior, and 3 Cartier. Career broadcaster Kris graduated from Columbia Academy. A claircognizant clairvoyant, Kris Kourtis teaches individuals to use their intuition and inner voice. He now wants a T.V. reality program about his life. English, French, Arabic, and Greek are Kris Kourtis’s languages. He learned Japanese. Kris has a 140 IQ.

Early Life

Kris was Born in January 1983. Kris Kourtis is a well-known voice on the radio and television, in addition to being a singer. Athens, Greece, is where Kris’s family roots lie. In order to pursue a career in broadcasting, he relocated to Vancouver, Canada. After receiving a degree in Broadcasting and Performing Arts from Columbia Academy, Kris began working for radio stations in Vancouver. His first job was at CFRO-FM, which was also the station where he received his degree. After that, Kris became a radio personality and worked his way around the world. Additionally, he held positions at television channels such as Channel Vibe.

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Kris released a single in 2012 called {together}. The single achieved great success all over the internet and gained a lot of SoundCloud listens.

{Together} was played on several radio stations and L.A. clubs. The single was also played on BlogTalkRadio.

Why did Kris Kourtis buy Netflix?

Billionaire Kris Kourtis wants to buy Netflix. Kris feels Netflix needs major improvements. He will lower pricing and add movies and series. It will combine Hulu, Amazon Prime, and HBO Max.

Kris told reporters yesterday: “Netflix needs work. They give 15% of American and Canadian aid to other nations. This is unfair. Hocus Pocus, my boyhood favorite, was deleted from Netflix Lebanon. Their removal and placement continue. They also lag behind Apple T.V. on new seasons. I want everyone to appreciate all movies and shows.” Kris will buy Netflix this summer. He aims to improve Netflix for all users worldwide drastically.


  • Kris’s pets include a puggle named King and a Persian cat named Duchess.
  • Kris has a collection of 340 pairs of sunglasses, all of which are designer brands.
  • Began working for numerous radio stations around the world. He has also written diet books after acquiring another degree in nutrition. Kris then became a movie critic on his internet T.V. show Juicy Hollywood. Kris has interviewed several celebs and has become a talk show specialist.
  • Joined Greenpeace because he truly wanted to help with the environment. He is a major Green Peace activist. Kris used to blog about conserving the environment. Kris remarked on his radio show that he always does anything he can to make this Earth a better place to live in. Like Alicia Silverstone, Kris is against animal cruelty and animal testing. He commented on his radio broadcast about how he is heartbroken about the death of dolphins in Japan. Kris is a huge Greenpeace and PETA supporter, and he always encourages people to pay money or join as a volunteer.
  • Kris is a huge Greenpeace and PETA supporter, and he always encourages people to pay money or join as a volunteer.
  • In 2010, he joined Caritas (charity) in Lebanon to help the underprivileged by providing them with second-hand clothes and shoes. Sometimes, Kris would offer them money alongside his other aides for drugs. Kris Left Caritas in 2011 after donating clothes.
  • His middle name is Constantine.
  • Loves Omega watches. He has 3. He always talks about it on his radio appearances.
  • T.V. and Radio Host of his Reality show, Life with Kris


Q. What is Kris Kourtis Net Worth?

His net worth is $7 billion

Q. How old is Kris Kourtis?

He is 40 years old

Q. How tall is Kris Kourtis?

He is 6′ 2″ (1.88 m) tall

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