Jenna Marbles Net Worth (2024)

Jenna Marbles Net Worth

Jenna Marbles Net Worth: Jenna Marbles a famous youtuber who owns a total net worth of $8 million.

Full Name

Jenna Nicole Mourey

Net Worth

$8 Million


Sep 15, 1986 (37 years old)


5 ft 4 in (1.65 m)

Youtube Subscribers

19.7 million

Total views

1.8 billion






As of 2024, Denise Marbles has a net worth $8 million.

Jenna Marbles, whose full name is Jenna Nicole Mourey.  She is a famous American actress, YouTuber and comedian. In 2010, she began her YouTube channel. The initial video she uploaded is titled “Charles Franklin Marbles is a Sad Man.” As of March 2020, the video has accumulated 2.1 million views. In addition, she commenced her employment with Barstool Sports that same year. She contributed articles to StoolLaLa, the website’s division focused on female readers, for one year before departing from the organization in 2011.

About 1.8 billion people have watched her videos on YouTube; at its peak, it had over 20 million fans.

Jenna Marbles is a renowned YouTube influencer recognized for her humorous videos, frequently showcasing her canines, Kermit, Peaches, and Marbles. Jenna Marbles primarily generates revenue from her YouTube videos and blogs, which have captivated her global fan base. Jenna has also launched a line of dog toys, Mr. Marbles and Kermie Word, inspired by her four real-life canines.

Jenna Marbles’ videos cover a wide variety of topics. Her most widely seen videos encompass titles such as “Strategies for Deceiving Individuals Into Perceiving You as Attractive,” “Morning Rituals of Females in Restrooms,” and “Perplexing Aspects of the Female Gender.” She has gained recognition for her “Sexual Wednesday” videos, in which she provides informative responses to inquiries regarding sex and relationships.

Other Youtube Personalities

Early Life

Jenna Marbles was born in Rochester, New York, U.S on September 15, 1986. Her father works as a chemist, and her brother is older than her. In 2004, she was expelled from Brighton High School. After that, she went to Boston University and got a master’s degree in coaching and sports psychology.

She resided in an apartment in Cambridge, Massachusetts, which had three bedrooms. She was a go-go dancer at nightclubs, a tanning salon receptionist, and a bartender all rolled into one.

Youtube Earning

Jenna’s primary source of income is YouTube, with her direct channel generating over $170,000 monthly and nearly $2.04 million annually. In addition, she has a secondary channel named JennaMarblesVlogs, which boasts around 1.5 million subscribers. She would be earning approximately $10,000 each month, which amounts to $120,000 annually.

Other Ventures

Kermie Worm & Mr. Marbles is the name of a line of dog toys that Marbles made. The toys are cute little dog figures. Things she made had some of her most popular sayings on them, like “What are these?” and “Team legs!” Stones was responsible for YouTube 15, a weekly SiriusXM Hits 1 pop list show. Marbles turned into a leader chief for the film Greatest Ride in 2016. The film based on a series of books by James Patterson with a similar name.

Married Life

Marbles tied the knot to their long-term boyfriend Solomita, a prominent YouTuber. Their marriage took place in November 2022.

They lived with their four dogs: an Italian Greyhound, Bunny, a Chihuahua named Mr. Marbles, and a Chihuahua named Captain Marbles

Awards and Nominations

  • Award for Young Hollywood (Viral Superstar, 2014)
  • The Streamy Award for Best Comedy Series in 2015
  • Teen Choice Award for Favorite YouTuber
  • The Shorty Award for the Decade has been given to


Q. How much is Jenna Marbles worth?

Jenna Marbles has a net worth of $8 million.

Q. How old is Jenna Marbles?

She is 37 years old.

Q. How tall is Jenna Marbles?

She is 5 ft 4 in (1.65 m) tall.

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