Bernice Burgos Net Worth (2024) – Daughters-Dating History

Bernice Burgos Net Worth

Bernice Burgos Net Worth: Bernice Burgos is an American Instagram model who has a net worth of $4 million.

Full Name

Bernice Burgos

Net Worth

$4 Million


17 April 1980(43 years old)


5 feet 5 inch







Bernice Burgos was born on 17 April 1980 in Puerto Rico and was brought up in the Bronx, New York. She is a successful Instagram model. She has more than 3.9 million followers. The tall African American personality has been seen in numerous music videos by J Cole and Rick Ross, in addition to participating in prestigious fashion events.

Additionally, she has appeared on ‘Wild ‘N Out,’ a top-rated television program on MTV. Additionally, she is anticipated to be the main cast member in a reality television show called “Gold Diggers.” She is both a fashion enthusiast and a businesswoman, the proprietor of a sleepwear brand called ‘Bold & Beautiful.’ 

Bernice, who is no stranger to controversy, has consistently made headlines in the celebrity gossip circuit due to her scandalous affairs and her notorious act of physically assaulting a minor girl.

After dropping out of high school, she had to work hard to make ends meet. In a bar, she got her first job. She worked as a bartender for a while. Bernice started working as a model as well. Because of her cute personality and curvy body, she quickly became a favorite subject of photographers and magazine writers. As soon as she started, she was in magazines like SHOW and XXL. She also did video sex. She got her big break when she was cast in J. Cole’s music video for “Work Out.”


She began her professional life as a model and rose to prominence through her Instagram account, where she uploads images of her toned body. In addition to her paid partnerships with major brands, she earns a substantial income. Undoubtedly, she has caused a sensation in the fitness and entertainment industries. She has amassed a considerable fan base due to her extraordinary sense of style, establishing her as a significant brand influencer.

She is generating income from these platforms due to her social media success. Additionally, she has been extended invitations to participate in two prominent reality television programs and other touring performances. She has made an appearance on Bravo Television. MTV has featured her. She is occupied with her co-hosting duties for Fear Factor. We will update this video should she be appointed as a member of Fear Factor.

Other Instagram Personalities

Career Struggles

She shared her difficult days during a conversation with The Breakfast Club. She admitted that it was highly uncomfortable for her to have a child at the tender age of 15, but she felt compelled to act as if she were thirty. “Because of my pregnancy, my life was irrevocably altered,” she continued. My grandmother’s refusal to give me a home compelled me to move in with the mother of my boyfriend. They made me perform housework in exchange for housing, as I failed to remit the rent. I was obliged to take a break from education due to the overwhelming weight of my burden.

“I spent my senior year of high school as a bartender.” As a side gig, I was engaged in modeling, which assisted in initiating my video vixen career. At the outset of her career, she debuted in publications, including SHOW and XXL. Later, in her mid-20s, she entered the modeling industry professionally. She appeared as a lead in the music video for Diced Pineapples, a track by Rick Ross, released in 2012. Additionally, Bernice has appeared in the comedy series Wild ‘N Out.


Sarai Burgos and Ashley Burgos are Bernice Burgos’s children. Bernice gave birth to Ashley when she was fifteen years old. Her pregnancy at such a young age filled her with embarrassment, and her father refused to embrace the news. Sarai Burgos was born when she was 25 years old.

Dating History

Bernice is involved in several romantic relations, which is not surprising given her attractive personality. In 2012, she entered into a relationship with Marion ‘Suge’ Knight, a former professional football player and the CEO of two music organizations, ‘Death Row Records’ and ‘Black Kapital Records.’ Shortly after the affair ended, she entered a romantic relationship with Drake, a renowned Canadian rapper and hip-hop artist. Both individuals were observed vacationing in Australia, which sparked speculation that she had become engaged to him. Nevertheless, they ended their relationship in 2015.

She is currently in a romantic relationship with American hip-hop singer Clifford Joseph Harris, also known as T.I., which started in 2016 and is ongoing. The duo has been frequently observed in many popular destinations, such as Las Vegas and Atlanta. Their presence in restaurants and nightclubs has garnered significant media attention.


Q. How much Bernice Burgos worth?

Bernice Burgos total net worth is around $4 Million.

Q. How old is Bernice Burgos?

She is 43 years old.

Q. How tall is Bernice Burgos?

She is 5 feet 5 inches tall.

Q. What is Bernice Burgos famous for?

She’s best known for being in a number of music videos for well-known singers like Rick Ross.

Q. What is Bernice Burgos nationality?

She is an American.

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