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“Empowering Excellence: Jay Shetty Quotes on Love Life & Happiness”

  • “When you learn a little, you feel you know a lot. But when you learn a lot, you realize you know very little.” – Jay Shetty 
  • “Remember, saying whatever we want, whenever we want, however we want, is not freedom. Real freedom is not feeling the need to say these things.” –  Jay Shetty 
  • “Cancers of the Mind: Comparing, Complaining, Criticizing.” –  Jay Shetty 
  • “Actually, the greatest detachment is being close to everything and not letting it consume and own you. That’s real strength.” –  Jay Shetty 
  • “When we accept the temporary nature of everything in our lives, we can feel gratitude for the good fortune of getting to borrow them for a time.” –  Jay Shetty 
  • “Albert Einstein said, “If you can’t explain something simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” –  Jay Shetty 
  • “Find me someone who has gone to the darkest parts of their own character where they were so close to their own self-destruction and found a way to get up and out of it, and I will bow on my knees to you. … You’re my teacher.” –  Jay Shetty 

Jay Shetty Quotes About Love


  • “What you want exists. Don’t settle until you get it.” –  Jay Shetty 
  • “So many people are together but not in Love. So many people are in Love but not together.” –  Jay Shetty 
  • “Don’t worry about rejections. All you need is one person to say yes.” –  Jay Shetty 
  • “The challenge is we ignore the ones who support us, support the ones who ignore us. Love the ones who hurt us and hurt the ones who love us.” –  Jay Shetty 
  • “A best friend is someone who loves you when you forget to love yourself.” –  Jay Shetty 
  •  “Love didn’t hurt you. Someone who doesn’t know to love hurt you. Don’t confuse the two.” –  Jay Shetty 
  • “People who care will ask how you’re doing. People who love you will wait until you tell the truth.” –  Jay Shetty 

Jay Shetty Quotes About Life


  • “We all experience insecurities in work, relationships, friendships and even family. And when that happens, we let insecurities completely destroy something amazing. Don’t let insecurity ruin something amazing.”-  Jay Shetty
  • “Often the people closest to us get the worst of us. And the people we barely know get the best of us.” –  Jay Shetty
  • “We’re so anxious about what will happen in the future that we don’t enjoy the present. The result being, we don’t live in the present or the future. We end up living, feeling like we’re never going to die and then die never having truly lived.” –  Jay Shetty
  • “Forgiveness and letting go and the ability to rise above the challenges that have been caused by others in our life is such a important ability, because we need to learn to accept apologies that we never received.” –  Jay Shetty
  • “Our value is not created by the price of our clothes or our bank balance or the job title that we have. We should be building a life and not just building our CV.” –  Jay Shetty
  • “I know that we’ve all been in that position: feeling confused and seriously lacking mission. But then I ask myself: at the end of my life, what will I regret? And the answer is clear: the pain of regret far outweighs the pain of risk. So next time you’re going through challenges, just remember this: a winner is just a loser who tried one more time. All you need is one person to say YES. One moment can change everything. There are decades where nothing happens and there are days where decades happen. A year from now you will have wish you started today.” –  Jay Shetty
  • “We should never let compliments get to our head and never let criticism get to our heart because when we do that we can start to build with genuineness and authenticity. When we’re humble, we can actually grow and rise up and always feel that we’re learning, always feel that we’re developing, always feel that someone can share insight at any moment that can change our lives.” –  Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty Quotes About Happiness


  • “What if Oprah listened to her haters and doubters? What if Steve Jobs settled for a real job? What if The Rock never broke through depression? What if Ellen never overcame the bullying? Imagine a world where everyone lived their passion. We would be better people. We’d be better partners. We’d be better parents.” – Jay Shetty 
  • “What we need to recognize is that the things that we truly want, the things that are deeply meaningful, the things that are genuinely fulfilling, all require patience. They all require work. They all require energy.” – Jay Shetty 
  • “We need to redefine what success means. Let’s not make happiness and success about the size of our homes, but about the size of our heart. Let’s not make it about gratification, but gratitude.” – Jay Shetty 
  • “Stay around people who look more like your future than your past.” – Jay Shetty 
  • “Think about what you can do right now, not what you wish you had done before.” – Jay Shetty 
  • ” Success comes from gaining, happiness comes from giving.” – Jay Shetty 
  • “Don’t be afraid of new beginnings, new people, new energy, new surroundings, and new challenges. Embrace new chances at happiness.” – Jay Shetty 


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