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Top 32 Inspiring Taylor Swift Quotes for Every Occasion

Top 32 Inspiring Taylor Swift Quotes for Every Occasion.

Taylor Swift Quotes: In this article you will read Top 32 Taylor Swift Quotes.


Taylor Swift, a singer-songwriter and country-pop sensation, has achieved great success by winning multiple Grammy Awards. She is living a life that many teenagers want to. Hailing from a rural village, she revolutionized the contemporary generation’s perception of country music.  

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Swift, who was just sixteen at the time, released her debut album and was likened to iconic country musicians like Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson. Not only is she an exceptional voice, but she also possesses adept skills in playing instruments such as the guitar, piano, and ukulele. She holds the distinction of being the sole female performer to have received two ‘Album of the Year’ accolades at the Grammy Awards.  

Top 32 Taylor Swift Quotes:

  • “Getting a great idea with song writing is a lot like love. You don’t know why this one is different, but it is. You don’t know why this one is better, but it is. It sticks in your head, and you can’t stop thinking about it.” Taylor Swift
  • “No matter what happens in life, be good to people. Being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind.”  Taylor Swift
  • “It’s weird, because in some of the worst times of my career, and reputation, dare I say, I had some of the most beautiful times — in my quiet life that I chose to have. And I had some of the most incredible memories with the friends I now knew cared about me, even if everyone hated me.”   Taylor Swift
  • “I think who you are in school really sticks with you. I don’t ever feel like the cool kid at the party, ever. It’s like, ‘Smile and be nice to everybody, because you were not invited to be here.'”   Taylor Swift
  • “The bad stuff was really significant and damaging. But the good stuff will endure. The good lessons — you realize that you can’t just show your life to people.” – Taylor Swift
  • “Well, I do sleep well at night knowing that I’m right and knowing that in 10 years it will have been a good thing that I spoke about artists’ rights to their art, and that we bring up conversations like: Should record deals maybe be for a shorter term, or how are we really helping artists if we’re not giving them the first right of refusal to purchase their work if they want to?” – Taylor Swift
  •  “A man writing about his feelings from a vulnerable place is brave; a woman writing about her feelings from a vulnerable place is oversharing or whining.”  – Taylor Swift

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  • “We don’t need to share the same opinions as others, but we need to be respectful.” – Taylor Swift
  • “It’s assumed that [women] hate each other. Even if we’re smiling and photographed together with our arms around each other, it’s assumed there’s a knife in our pocket.” – Taylor Swift
  •  “Grow a backbone, trust your gut, and know when to strike back. Be like a snake — only bite if someone steps on you.”  – Taylor Swift
  • “I work on accepting my body every day.” – Taylor Swift
  • “I love having a goal, feeling like I’m on a mission. I love trying to beat what I’ve done so far.” – Taylor Swift
  • “I live for the feeling of standing on a stage and saying, ‘I feel this way,’ and the crowd responding with ‘We do too!’ And me being like, ‘Really?’ And they’re like, ‘Yes!'” – Taylor Swift
  • “Being fearless isn’t being 100 percent not fearful; it’s being terrified but you jump anyway.” – Taylor Swift
  •  “I’ve come to a realization that I need to be able to forgive myself for making the wrong choice, trusting the wrong person, or figuratively falling on my face in front of everyone. Step into the daylight and let it go.” – Taylor Swift
  •  “Early on, my manager told me, ‘If you want to sell 500,000 records, then go out there and meet 500,000 people.'” – Taylor Swift
  • “I think that you can love people without it being the great love.” – Taylor Swift
  •  “I’ve come to a realization that I need to be able to forgive myself for making the wrong choice, trusting the wrong person, or figuratively falling on my face in front of everyone. Step into the daylight and let it go.” – Taylor Swift
  • “A lot of the best things I ever did creatively were things that I had to really fight — and I mean aggressively fight — to have happen.” – Taylor Swift
  • “Every single one of us has a few months here or there that feel like dark months.” – Taylor Swift
  • “You should not be blamed for waiting 15 minutes or 15 days or 15 years to report sexual assault or harassment, or for the outcome of what happens to a person after he or she makes the choice to sexually harass or assault you.” – Taylor Swift
  • “If I did slip up, the entire earth would fall off its axis, and it would entirely be my fault, and I would be put into pop star jail forever and ever.” – Taylor Swift

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  • “When I listen to a song, I don’t say, ‘Oh my gosh, that vocal line she sang was the best thing I ever heard.’ I’m thinking, ‘That lyric just moves me. That lyric just said what I feel better than I could say it myself.'” – Taylor Swift
  • “When we’re falling in love or out of it, that’s when we most need a song that says how we feel. Yeah, I write a lot of songs about boys. And I’m very happy to do that.” – Taylor Swift
  • “Since I was 15 years old, if people criticized me for something, I changed it. So you realize you might be this amalgamation of criticisms that were hurled at you, and not an actual person who’s made any of these choices themselves. And so I decided I needed to live a quiet life, because a quiet personal life invites no discussion, dissection, and debate.”  – Taylor Swift
  • “I needed to grow up in many ways. I needed to make boundaries, to figure out what was mine and what was the public’s.”  – Taylor Swift
  •  “Being canceled over the internet and almost losing my career gave me an excellent knowledge of wine.” – Taylor Swift
  •  “I’m happier when I’m making things more often.” – Taylor Swift
  • “Breathe in, breathe through, breathe deep, breathe out / I’ll be getting over you my whole life.” – Taylor Swift
  • “Spiderboy, king of thieves / Weave your little webs of opacity.” – Taylor Swift
  • “I had a marvelous time ruining everything” – Taylor Swift
  • “You, with your words like knives / And swords and weapons that you use against me / You have knocked me off my feet again / Got me feeling like I’m nothing / You, with your voice like nails on a chalkboard / Calling me out when I’m wounded – Taylor Swift
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