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Dennis Conner Net Worth

Dennis Conner Net Worth: Dennis Conner,  an American yachtsman and book writer has a net worth of around $5 million. Read: Jessica Watson Net Worth

Full Name

Dennis Walter Conner

Net Worth

$5 million


September 16, 1942 (age 81)

Place of Birth








Dennis Conner, whose full name is Dennis Walter Conner, was born on September 16, 1942, in San Diego, California. Dennis Conner, who attended San Diego State University, was the helmsman of the United States sailing team that won bronze medals in the Tempest class at the 1976 Olympics. He is known for his almost obsessive passion for sailing as a sport.

1971 and 1977 were the years that he won the world championship in the Star class, while 1978 was the year that he ended in second place. Conner is much more well-known for his accomplishments in the America’s Cup despite the fact that he has been successful in smaller boats. At the trials that took place in 1974, he was the helmsman for two ships, each of which participated in the defense trials at different periods.

There was no selection made for either ship; nonetheless, in 1980, Conner was the captain of the boat Freedom, which successfully defended the Cup by defeating the Australian challenger and winning four out of five races. It was in 1983 when Conner was selected once more to support the Cup, and this time, he was chosen to captain the boat Liberty. Unfortunately, Conner was the first American to lose the Cup in the 132-year history of the competition.

The Cup was lost to Australia ll, a boat that was far quicker than the United States. On the other hand, he came back in 1987 and 1988, sailing on Stars & Stripes, and won the Cup once more, giving him a total of four victories in that illustrious yachting competition. His accomplishments include being inducted into the United States Sailing Hall of Fame and the America’s Cup Hall of Fame, as well as winning 28 world championships in a variety of classes.

America’s Cup

On three separate occasions, Conner has been victorious in the America’s Cup competition. He successfully defended the Cup in 1980 and 1988, and he also triumphed as the challenger in 1987. His defeat by the Australian Alan Bond’s wing-keeled challenger Australia II in 1983, which resulted in a 4–3 loss, was the first Cup defender to be defeated in the 132-year history of the race. At the same time, it brought an end to a run by the New York Yacht Club that had begun all the way back with the very first competition.

In the aftermath of the defeat, Conner established his organization, which he called the Sail America Foundation. Through this organization, he was able to raise funding for the San Diego Yacht Club to launch a challenge, which ultimately resulted in the club winning the Cup back from Australia in 1987. Conner’s defeat in 1983 and subsequent victory in 1987 serve as the inspiration for the American Zoetrope film Wind, which was released in 1992.

Dennis Conner’s Wife 

Dennis Walter Conner, who is also referred to as “Mr. America’s Cup” due to his outstanding record as the America’s Cup Skipper worldwide, Dennis  is married to Louise Daintry Bell. The couple wed in 1994 and currently resides in San Diego, California.


Conner, as an author and publisher, has documented various aspects such as motivation, teamwork, and commitment to achieving success both in competitive sailing and in other areas. These themes are explored in his published works, which include titles such as

  • Learn to Sail
  • No Excuse To Lose
  • Comeback
  • The Art of Winning
  • The Official Record of Stars & Stripes 1987
  • The Official Record of Stars & Stripes 1988
  • The Official Record of Stars & Stripes 1992
  • The Official Record of Stars & Stripes 1995
  • The Official Record of Stars & Stripes 2003
  • Sail Like a Champion
  • Life’s Winning Tips


Q. What is Dennis Conner Net Worth?

Dennis Conner net worth is around $5 million.

Q. Where is Dennis Conner Live?

Dennis Conner  live in San Diego, California.

Q. Who is Dennis Conner Wife?

Dennis Conner wife is Louise Daintry Bell.

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