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What is Blueface Net Worth? The American Rapper Fortune…

Blueface, an American Rapper, has an estimated net worth of $4 Million.

Real Name

Johnathan Jamall Porter

Net Worth

$4 Million

Date of Birth

Jan 20, 1997 


26 years


1.93 m (6 ft 4 in)

Zodic Sign







Who is Blueface?

Blueface, whose real name is Johnathan Jamall Porter, was born on January 20, 1997, in Los Angeles, California, U.S. He rose to fame in 2018 as the music video for his debut single “Respect My Crypn” became viral thanks to his unique rapping technique. He achieved even greater success with the 2019 release of “Thotiana” (which featured Cardi B and YG), which peaked at number eight on the Billboard Hot 100.

Blueface’s unique rhythmic style of rapping and distinctive voice quality have drawn comparisons to fellow California rappers E-40 and Suga Free, as well as rapper Silkk the Shocker. Blueface has expressed that he composes his music “in sync with the rhythm” and utilizes the instrumental as a foundation for all of his tracks.

In February 2019, Blueface was caught by law enforcement for the crime of felony gun possession. This occurred when authorities discovered a loaded handgun in his hands that had not been registered.

Blueface established Blue’s Fish and Soul, a soul food restaurant, in Santa Clara, California, in 2021.

Early Life

Blueface was born on January 20, 1997, and grew up in Los Angeles, California, to parents Karissa Saffold and Johnathan Michael Porter Sr. 

Prior to residing with his mother in the Santa Clarita Valley, he attended many primary schools and subsequently lived with his father in Oakland. After relocating to the Los Angeles region, Porter enrolled at Arleta High School, where he participated in the marching band and held the position of starting quarterback for the school’s football team.

At a tender age, Blueface developed an interest in rap music and listened extensively to 50 Cent, the Game, and Snoop Dogg. He was jobless for most of his adult life before breaking into the music business, with the exception of a few short stints.

Deep Further

Boxing Career

In 2021, Blueface fought his first professional boxing match against the famous TikTok star Kane Trujillo. After three rounds, the judges all agreed that Blueface won the fight.

Blueface fought for the second time in April 2023. This time, he went up against another TikTok star, Ed Matthews. There was a fight at the High Stakes Tournament in London, UK, and Blueface won by TKO.

Singing Career

In 2017, Jonathan Porter made his rap music debut, first releasing tracks on SoundCloud and Instagram. His debut single, “Deadlocs,” was released shortly after he adopted the stage moniker “Blueface Bleedem.” The track, which Scum Beats produced, gained positive feedback on SoundCloud and subsequently racked up over 2 million views. After this single, the rapper released another smash called “Thotiana,” which also went platinum.

The singles “Fucced Em” and “Freak B.tch” are from Blueface’s debut EP, “Famous Cryp,” which dropped in June 2018. With millions of plays on Spotify, the EP clearly hit the mark. Two months later, the American musician released his second extended play (EP), titled “Two Coccy,” which includes the singles “Blow Her Bacc,” “Deadlocs pt. 2,” “Next Big Thing,” and “Respect My Crypn” as well as collaborations with Gogettakb, D. Loc, and 1TakeJay.

After releasing the music video for his single “Respect My Crypn” on WorldstarHipHop’s YouTube channel, Blueface gained even more fame. The video became popular after being shared on Twitter, highlighting the rapper’s unusual flow and high-pitched voice.

Who are Blueface Parents?

Karissa Saffold and Johnathan Michael Porter Sr are Blueface’s biological parents.

Who is Blueface’s Girlfriend?

Blueface was in a committed relationship with his girlfriend, Christian Rock, from 2020 until 2023, with periods of being together and apart. In January 2023, Malone disclosed her pregnancy, revealing that she was expecting her first child. Their child, Christian Jesus Malone Jr., was born on September 3, 2023. Blueface has permanently tattooed the name of his son onto his right forearm.

Blueface is the father of three children.

Christian Missing Tooth

Rock was known for having a unique look with no front teeth. The Maryland native was knocked out in a fight on Blue Girls Club, a reality show for Blue’s Only fans, in 2020. It took a while for Christian Rock to get her tooth fixed, but her sudden fame may have made her want to fill the void.

Who is Blueface Brother & Sister?

Andre L Harvey is the brother of Blueface. He is the younger brother of Blueface. Andre was born on April 17. 

Blueface also has a younger sister whose name is Johence Miller.

Blueface Tattoos

The American rapper has a plethora of tattoos on his body. During an interview with ’30 Mile Exclusive,’ he explicitly mentioned that his tattoos serve as a visual representation of his past as a barber, his religious convictions, his astrological sign, his desire for material success, and various other aspects of his life. In addition, he has a tattoo of Benjamin Franklin on his face, which he refers to as his “signature.” Additionally, Blueface has inked the name of his son onto his right forearm.

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