Berry Gordy Net Worth (2024) – Spouse-Age-Children

Berry Gordy Net Worth

Berry Gordy is an American songwriter. He is also a film and TV producer. He has a net worth of $400 million.


Berry Gordy III

Net Worth

$400 Million

Date of Birth

Nov 28, 1929


94 years


Songwriter, film producer, and television producer





As of 2024, Berry Gordy estimated net worth is $400 Million.

Berry Gordy, who is renowned, created the Motown record label. He was born in Detroit, Michigan, United States on November 28, 1929. For many decades, he was the most successful African American entrepreneur.

Early Life

Gordy was the seventh child in a family of eight, born into a tightly-knit household in Detroit, MI. From an early age, he developed a deep passion for music. He also showed an early talent for songwriting.

Gordy and former U.S. President Jimmy Carter are both descendants of James Gordy. He was a plantation owner from Georgia who is their great-grandfather. James Gordy and a lady who was enslaved on his farm produced Gordy’s granddad.

Gordy quit high school during his last year. He did it to start a pro boxing career. His career was short. He was soon drafted into the Army for the Korean War. Gordy joined the 58th Field Artillery Battalion in Korea in May 1952. He operated a jeep and played organ music during religious ceremonies at the front. Gordy established a record business named 3-D Record Mart.

The store catered to African American. It focused on selling jazz. Gordy also wrote songs in his free time. One of his songs, titled “Reet Petite,” became a hit when singer Jackie Wilson performed it. He used the money from “Reet Petite” to start a career. It was only for writing and producing.

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He composed several songs for The Miracles. They were under the leadership of Gordy’s friend Smokey Robinson. Then, Gordy got a loan of $800 from his relatives and started the R&B record company known as Tamla Records. In 1959, Gordy created a new label, Motown. He then merged the two. He made them into Motown Record Corporation. He named his offices Hitsville.

He grasped the importance of spreading the music. It had a unique sound. It had unforgettable melodies, repeating choruses, and captivating stage shows. Gordy guided famous artists like Mary Wells. She sang “My Guy.” He also helped The Temptations. Their hit “Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone” is well-known.” And he helped The Miracles, who performed “Bad Girl.””

Barry Gordy Relations & Children

Gordy is a man who has been through three marriages and divorces. He has eight children: Rhonda, Berry IV, Kerry, Hazel, Kennedy, Terry, Stefan, and Sherry.

He was wedded to Thelma Coleman in 1953, but their marriage ended in 1959. He had three children from his marriage. Hazel Joy Gordy (August 24, 1954), Berry Gordy IV (October 1955), and Terry James Gordy (August 1956).

In 1960, he married Raynoma Mayberry Liles; they both divorced in 1964. They had a son, Kerry Gordy. He was born on June 25, 1959. Berry had children with songwriter Jeana Jackson. They had a daughter, Sherry Jackson Gordy, who was born in Detroit in May 1963.

In March 1964, Berry fathered his fourth son. They named the boy Kennedy William Gordy. His mother was Berry’s then-girlfriend, Margaret Norton.

Following Diana Ross’s signing to Motown, Berry and the vocalist became involved. Their relationship lasted from 1965 to 1970. It resulted in the birth of a child, Rhonda Suzanne, born on August 14, 1971.

Gordy has eight children. His youngest is a boy named Stefan Kendal Gordy. He was born to Nancy Leiviska on September 3, 1975.


  • He received the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame award in 1988.
  • In 1993, the CBC awarded him with the Lifetime Achievement Award.
  • He was inducted into the Junior Achievement U.S. Business Hall of Fame in 1998.
  • In 2009, the Michigan Rock & Roll Legends Hall of Fame inducted him. It was a prestigious honor.
  • He received the Pioneer Award from the Songwriters Hall of Fame on June 13, 2013. He was the first living person to get this esteemed honor.
  • President Obama bestowed the National Medal of Arts upon Gordy in 2016.
  • He was awarded with the Kennedy Center Honors in 2021.
  • They gave him the esteemed distinction. In 2022, they inducted him into Entertainment Walk of Fame and the Black Music.
  • The University of Michigan bestowed an honorary doctorate upon him in 2022.
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