Pete Sampras Net Worth (2024) – Retired Tennis Legend

What is Pete Sampras Net Worth?

Pete Sampras is a retired American player with a Net Worth of $150 Million.

Net Worth

$150 Million


Pete Sampras

Nick Name

Pistol Pete

Date of Birth

August 12, 1971 


52 Years


6 ft (1.85 m)


Bridgette Wilson


Christian Charles Sampras, Ryan Nikolaos Sampras


Tennis Player



Who is Pete Sampras?

Pete Sampras has an estimated net worth of $150 million.

Pete Sampras, an American former tennis player, was widely regarded as the world’s top-ranked tennis player. He started his professional tennis career in 1988. He concluded at the 2002 US Open, where he emerged victorious against his frequent rival Andre Agassi—considered one of the greatest tennis players of all time by many.

At his retirement, Sampras held the record for the most major singles titles, totaling 14. Among these titles were five US Open victories, two Australian Open victories, and seven Wimbledon titles, which equaled the Open Era record.

Throughout his career, he secured 64 solo championships. Sampras reached the pinnacle of the tennis world in 1993, claiming the number-one ranking and maintaining it for an impressive 286 weeks, placing him third on the all-time list. Notably, he achieved a remarkable streak of six consecutive year-end No. 1 rankings, setting a record in the Open Era.

Early Life

Petros Sampras was born on August 12th, 1971 in Washington, D.C.. Sampras, raised by Greek parents, grew up in a Greek Orthodox household and started playing tennis at three after finding a racquet in his basement. He immediately began spending hours hitting a tennis ball against a wall. Pete started to work out throughout the year after relocating to California with his family. Sampras was a boy between the ages of 7 and 11, and his talent was recognized very early on.

When Sampras was a teenager, he began working out with coach Robert Lansdorp and developed the forehand stroke he would utilize for the rest of his career. He then started working out with tennis enthusiast and doctor Dr. Peter Fischer. With Fischer’s help, Sampras developed his distinctive single-handed backhand.


On 16 1988, Pete Sampras was ready to join the professional ranks. He moved up the global ranks from number 893 to position 97 in less than a year. Pete defeated several top-ranked tennis opponents in the year. At the French Open, Sampras won a Grand Slam singles championship The following year. Pete then triumphed in the US Open at the age of 19. He became the youngest singles winner ever by defeating Andre Agassi.

1991, he won his first career matches in the Tennis Masters Cup. In the course of his career, he added four more victories. When he said he was “relieved” to have lost in the US Open quarterfinals that year, he faced criticism. The next year, while competing for the US doubles team, he and John McEnroe won the Davis Cup. In 1993, Pete Sampras won the world championship for the first time. Some onlookers bemoaned this fact because Sampras hadn’t achieved a Grand Slam victory in some time. Three months after claiming the top spot, he disproved these doubters by taking home his maiden title at Wimbledon.


Pete won the Australian Open in 1994 and a further Wimbledon title. In 1995, Sampras and Andre Agassi were vying for the top slot. Since his coach had just died of a brain tumor that year, he started crying during a game at the Australian Open. He lost the match despite vomiting on the court during the 1996 US Open due to dehydration. He ultimately won the US Open.

Sampras triumphed at the 1997 Australian Open and a further Wimbledon title. In 1998, he continued by taking home another Wimbledon title. Andre Agassi won the top spot for the year before dropping it despite failing to him in the Wimbledon championship match.

One of the best finals in tournament history has been said about the game. By 2000, he had reclaimed the top spot, although he lost to Agassi at the Australian Open. Despite his ailments, he managed to win at Wimbledon again. He would eventually make this his last.

In 2001, Sampras’s performance began to deteriorate. For the first time in 12 years, he didn’t win any prizes that year. At the end of the year, he was ranked tenth in the world. After defeating his longtime rival Andre Agassi in his final match and capturing his last US Open title in 2002, he announced retirement.

Pete Sampras’s Wife and Children

On September 30, 2000, Sampras married Bridgette Wilson, a former Miss Teen USA and American actress. Their son, Christian Charles Sampras, was born November 21, 2002. The couple’s second child, Ryan Nikolaos Sampras, was born on July 29, 2005. They reside in Lake Sherwood and are from California.


Source of Income

Pete Sampras earned money during his career via endorsements, sponsorships, and competitive victories. Pete Sampras’ 14 grand slam competitions brought in $43 million. Additionally, he inked other agreements to endorse products for Sergio Tacchini, Wilson, Nike, Dannon, and Pizza Hut.


Q. What is Pete Sampras’s Net Worth?

His Net Worth is $150 Million.

Q. How old is Pete Sampras?

He is 51 Years old.

Q. Who is Pete Sampras’s Wife?

Bridgette Wilson.

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