John Cena Net Worth (2024) – Real Name-Wife-Age-Height-Weight

John Cena Net Worth

John Cena’s Net Worth: John Cena, an American professional wrestler, rapper, and actor, has a net worth of $80 million.

Full Name

John Felix Anthony Cena

Net Worth

$80 Million


Apr 23, 1977 (46 years old)


6 ft (1.85 m)


251 lb (114 kg)

Place of Birth

West Newbury


Wrestler, Singer, Actor, Rapper





John Cena, whose birth name is John Felix Anthony Cena, was born on April 23, 1977, in the American state of West Newbury, Massachusetts. John Cena is recognized as a professional wrestler, actor, and rapper. Cena is widely recognized as one of history’s most exceptional professional wrestlers. He holds the record for becoming a 16-time world champion in WWE history.

Firstly, John Cena rose to fame as a professional wrestler for WWE. Since then, he has turned his career around and is now an A-list actor and television personality. In addition to that, he is the host of the Nickelodeon show “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?” and has been in various films and television series.

In his career, he has won the WWE United States Championship five times, the WWE Tag Team Championship twice, the World Tag Team Championship twice, the Royal Rumble twice, and the Money in the Bank tournament once. Additionally, on five occasions, he has headlined several significant pay-per-view events for WWE, including the company’s flagship event, WrestleMania.

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Early Life

John Cena was born in West Newbury, Massachusetts, on April 23, 1977. John Cena raised by Carol and John Joseph Cena. He is the second oldest of five brothers: Dan, Matt, Steve, and Sean.

After receiving his high school diploma from Cushing Academy, a prestigious private preparatory boarding school, he began his college career at Springfield College in Massachusetts, where he participated in the football squad. 1998 saw his graduation from college when he earned a degree in exercise physiology. To fulfill his financial obligations, Cena explored a career in bodybuilding while working as a limo driver.

Bodybuilding Career

Once Cena finished his time at Springfield College in 1998, he went to California to try to make bodybuilding his full-time job. You can find photos and videos of Cena standing at a wrestling match all over the internet.

During this time, John Cena worked full-time as a limo driver and part-time at the Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach, where he earned $6 an hour.

A member of Gold’s Gym was the one who told Cena he should try out to be a professional wrestler.

Wrestling Career

Cena began attending Rick Bassman’s Ultimate Pro-Wrestling (UPW) academy in California 1999. In April 2000, he held the UPW Heavyweight Championship. In October 2000, Cena debuted in the WWF in a SmackDown match that concluded in a loss.

In January 2001, the WWF re-eligible Cena for a SmackDown recording; this time, Cena prevailed and agreed to a developmental contract with the organization. Cena was allocated to the WWF’s Ohio Valley Wrestling division. Cena made four attempts to make the official WWF roster in 2001. This trend persisted through 2002. Rapping and engaging in trash-talking propelled him to the favor of his followers.

Cena was crowned WWE Champion in 2004. Ten years later, Cena emerged as the public face of WWE. As of this writing, Cena has secured a record-setting five shutouts at WWE’s flagship event, WrestleMania. He has won four world tag team championships, five US championships, and sixteen world titles.

Acting Career

In addition to his wrestling career, John Cena has had a highly lucrative career as an actor, starring in a diverse array of films. WWE Studios produced the 2006 film “The Marine,” in which John Cena made his WWE debut. The production company assembled the film ’12 Rounds’ two years later, where Cena starred as the protagonist.

In recent years, John Cena has landed some of her most prominent roles, appearing in films including Trainwreck, Blockers, Daddy’s Home 2, and Bumblebee. Jakob, the younger sibling of Dominic Toretto, was cast in F9 in 2019, and the role became the most prominent of his acting career almost immediately. In 2023, he would reprise his role as Jakob in the film Fast X. John Cena and The Rock are among the most accomplished wrestlers who have transitioned into the acting industry.

John Cena Relationship History & Wife

John was in a relationship with Elizabeth Huberdeau from 2009 till 2012. Subsequently, in the same year, he initiated a romantic relationship with his fellow WWE colleague, Nikki Bella. In 2017, he made a marriage proposal to Nikki during WrestleMania 33. Regrettably, their romance terminated twelve months later, just one month before their planned nuptials. He commenced a romantic relationship with Shay Shariatzadeh in 2019, culminating in their marriage in October 2020.

Lesson From The Life of John Cena

John Cena is a proficient wrestler who imparts excellent life lessons through his personal odyssey. One valuable lesson that can be learned from John journey is resilience. Despite encountering obstacles and losses early on in his career, he showed unwavering determination and perseverance, eventually establishing himself as a prominent figure in the WWE.

His achievement underscores the significance of tenacity in overcoming hurdles. Furthermore, John commitment to ongoing enhancement enlightens us about refining our abilities and progressing over time. Moreover, his capacity to adjust to evolving situations exemplifies the significance of adaptability in maneuvering through life’s complexities. The narrative of John Cena acts as a source of motivation, serving as a reminder that through perseverance, flexibility, and ongoing development, we can surmount challenges and attain triumph in our pursuits.


Q. What is John Cena’s Real Name?

John Cena’s real name is John Felix Anthony Cena.

Q. What is John Cena’s Net Worth?

John Cena’s Net Worth is $80 Million.

Q. How old is John Cena?

He is 46 years old.

Q. How tall is John Cena?

He is 6 ft (1.85 m) tall.

Q. Q. What is Randy Orton’s weight?

John Cena’s weight is 251 lb (114 kg.

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