Eileen McGann Net Worth

Eileen McGann Net Worth

Eileen McGann is an American author with an estimated net worth of $3 million.


Eileen McGann

Net Worth

$3 Million





Who is Eileen McGann?

As of 2024, Eileen McGann has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

Eileen McGann, an American lawyer, columnist, and author, is known for advocating for reform and shedding light on the abuses of Congress. Alongside her husband, Dick, she contributes columns to the New York Post and their website, dickmorris.com. Her extensive writings delve into the pressing issues surrounding Congress and emphasize the urgency for change.

Eileen McGann gained recognition for her work on Fahrenheit 9/11, released in 2004.

McGann’s journey as an author began in her early life. Throughout her professional journey, she penned numerous novels that have served as a source of inspiration for people across the globe. Among her works, “Three Stones Trilogy” is the most widely acclaimed, garnering international recognition.

Eileen McGann is married to commentator and political consultant Dick Morris

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